Rimowa’s Titanium Line Just Got A Fresh New Update


You probably know that Rimowa recently introduced a capsule collection dedicated to rose quartz. This puts the aluminium range now at a total of four colours, including Black, Silver and Titanium.

What you may not know is that releasing a new hue for the aluminium line is no easy task. A special pigment has to be added to the metal alloy to create a long-lasting (and not to mention, alluring) sheen that will last for years to come.

This is what makes the aluminium line extra special, and one that Rimowa continues to update now and then. To date, Black and Silver prove to be no-brainers when it comes to more classic tastes. However, decidedly different from the first two is Titanium, which carries a distinctive gold-tinted hue.


In a highly welcome update in June, the external features receive an expert colour matching treatment. These include the lateral sliders, wheel housings and the telescopic handle. The exterior components also boast a new lacquer layer that emotes a shimmery metallic finish, reminiscent of the shiny alloy.

What’s more, these changes will apply to all five styles in the line-up. Here’s a quick refresher if you need a recap on the prices and sizes.

Measuring 55 cm by 40 cm by 20 cm, the smallest is the Cabin S (SGD1670). It’s ideal for a quick weekend getaway or to take on board as cabin baggage. The next size up would be the Cabin Plus (SGD1790). Slightly bigger and wider at 57 cm by 44 cm by 25.5 cm, it is perfect for short business trips.

Larger sizes are typically meant for checking in. These start with the Check-In M (SGD1930) at 69 cm by 44 cm by 27.5 cm. While Rimowa designed it for trips ranging from five to seven days, it’s all up to your personal needs.

Next we move to the Check-In L (SGD2090), which is even bigger at 79 cm by 51 cm by 27.5 cm. Finally, at 80 cm by 36.5 cm by 44 cm, the Trunk Plus (SGD2710) is ideal for a fortnight of travelling and shopping.

Find the classic colours too safe and the rose one too pink for your liking? Do consider the ‘new’ refreshing Titanium hue with its shimmery update.

For more information, do visit RIMOWA.com


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