The Making-Of Moynat’s Duo Tote


Ever wonder about the design process that goes into some of your favourite designer handbags? From selection of leather to craftsmanship technique, few houses are willing to share insight on the masterful savoir-faire.

Often because it takes a great deal of effort to explain and go through each step-by-step process. Thankfully, Moynat has offered some eye-opening information for its new Duo Tote. And here are five points that you should know about this fun and functional carryall.


01 – Each Duo Tote is crafted by hand using 100 percent Taurillon leather. Not only is it selected for its lightweight properties, but the grain texture also helps to keep it resistant to scratches and daily wear. Another characteristic of Taurillon is its supple nature with a silky feel. This means you can rely on it for maximum comfort all day (and night) long.

02 – Moynat artisans expertly craft both the interior and exterior of the unisex Duo Tote using a single piece of leather. This imparts that seamless look and feel. The edge-dyeing is also completely done by hand. Plus each process is supervised so no detail is ever left out or compromised.

03 – The beauty of the Duo Tote lies mostly in its reversible appeal. The engineering of the carryall allows you to flip it over for two different looks with just one bag. Even the seams running down the handles are perfectly identical on either side. Silver-tone Moynat logos (one in the emblem format and the other as text) also come in dual colours.

04 – Moynat emphasises that each Duo Tote takes five hours to craft. In addition, each tote is sold together with a matching zip purse that requires an additional 1.5 hours of construction. The final quality control step adds another 20 minutes to ensure that the tote retains its semi-structured shape. Then and only then can the totes ship out to Moynat boutiques worldwide.

05 – Measuring 50 cm by 40 cm, the Duo Tote comes in a variety of colour combinations at SGD3700 each. You can look forward to Atlas/Capucine, Greige/Zinc, Petrol Blue/Mandarine, Regiment/Bougainvillea and Steel Blue/Atlas in Singapore. Keep an eye out for the sixth version in Turquoise/Emerald, which will be arriving in stores in August 2022.

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