A Trunk Of Treasures With This Set Of 4 Mini Bags From Chanel

Chanel Metiers d Art Set Of 4PHOTO COURTESY OF CHANEL

Chanel totally changed the game with the release of this stunning box set that comes with 4 mini bags. Accompanied by a precious quilted lambskin leather box, the collection comprises iconic silhouettes: the Boy, the Chanel 19, the Classic and the 2.55.

Alongside previously released sets, this brand new edition unveiled as part of #CHANELMetiersdArt showcases how Chanel upped its game by decorating the four iconic miniatures even further. A variety of sequins and glass pearls artfully adorn the exterior of the bags in an ode to the various ateliers under the French fashion house.

The set is a the perfect match for the #CHANELMetiersdArt runway looks, especially with Lesage’s graffiti-style embroidery on tweed jackets and sweatshirts, as well as the graphic silver sequins by Atelier Montex.

All four bags nestle snugly in their individual compartments within the 32 cm by 25.5 cm quilted lambskin box. To seal the deal, it comes with a set of keys housed within an extra lipstick-like quilted leather case. Yes, it’s literally the key to revealing the precious miniatures within, so do keep it safe.

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