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Chanel Gabrielle Small HoboPHOTO COURTESY OF CHANEL

When you think about Chanel hobos, one of the most talked-about silhouettes has got to be the Chanel 22. This is mostly thanks to its casual, relaxed proportions and the multitude of colours and sizes it comes in. But before the Chanel 22 came about, there was another hobo that managed to steal the hearts of many.

Yes, that’s none other than the Chanel’s Gabrielle. In particular, the Gabrielle Small Hobo size at 20 cm wide and 15 cm high. Part of its charm lies in the interesting juxtaposition of hard and soft defining the bag’s base and upper respectively. 

Not many bags have such a contrasting difference, and Chanel’s Gabrielle typically features a mix of different leathers. The upper is constructed from aged crinkled calfskin for extra character, while the rigid structured base is typically overlaid with smooth calfskin to give it a solid texture. 

Another interesting fact about the Gabrielle bag? That lies in the chain comprising three different metallic elements of gold-tone, silver-tone and ruthenium-finish metal. You will also notice that the dual chain format is extra long. This gives you multiple ways of layering it across your body to create a variety of looks. 

For #CHANELMetiersdArt, the Gabrielle Small Hobo Bag returns in Dark Grey at SGD7420. Love a different kind of hobo with multiple looks? This hard-and-soft bag is certainly the one to check out.

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