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Hermès Belt Customisation PHOTO COURTESY OF HERMÈS

The men are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to getting a new belt at Hermès, and a quick check online reveals that there are at least 567 different variations depending on the belt buckle, strap and size.

The good news? Hermès is completely flexible when it comes to nailing down that perfect belt, and here are some simple guidelines to go about picking and customising one to your heart’s content.

Start by choosing the width of your strap, and you can opt for 32 mm or 38 mm depending on the look you desire. Hermès has newer sporty versions such as the Spirit Band crafted in nylon mesh, but nothing beats the lush leather options in Chamonix, Epsom and Togo calfskin, all of which signature leathers at the French fashion house.

No matter your choice, all Hermès belt straps are designed to be reversible, so you get to select from a range of dual-coloured options, which is always a great idea if you love changing up colours now and then. Go for Bleu Indigo/Vert-De-Gris for a relatively safe neutral combination, or you can opt for Noir/Orange to switch from a classic black to bright orange with a simple flip of the belt.

Next comes selecting your belt buckle, which is probably the most fun part, especially with bright and shiny hardware coming in different materials and colours. And here’s a quick run-through of 6 newer styles that are all a play of the ‘H’ logo or variations of signature Hermès motifs.

Going from top down, the list begins with the Ulysse Belt Buckle with a nautical-inspired design that might remind you of the looped ends of the Chaine d’ancre bracelet. Moving on, the Tonight Colour Belt Buckle is formed using a combination of stainless steel and rubber overcoat that gives the ‘H’ a contemporary twist. The Typo Belt Buckle is a visually interesting design with the ‘HER’ ‘MES’ typography segmented into two chunky halves.

Next up, the Quizz Rainbow Belt Buckle certainly makes a statement in brushed palladium with lacquered inlays, while the H Marin Belt Buckle has a cool stylised knot right in the middle. Finally, the oval Olysse encapsulates a Chaine d’ancre motif leaning toward the left, giving it a unique design in the seductive permabrass hardware.

The perfect gift for most anyone in need a new belt, the choices are endless when it comes to customising your very own Hermès belt.

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