Here’s Why Chanel’s Classic Handbag Is A Forever Icon


Few bag styles continue to rank high on bag lovers’ must-have lists year after year, and Chanel’s Classic Handbag retains its position with ease. A beloved icon at Chanel, with its official name being the 11.12 Handbag as Karl Lagerfeld’s 1983 creation, an ode to Gabrielle Chanel’s iconic 2.55 bag.

And for those of you who are new to the bag, here are 5 good reasons why the Classic Handbag will forever be a timeless icon that will never go out of style.

01 – The CC logo is easily the most defining feature of the Classic Handbag, doubling up as the bag’s turn-lock clasp. The diamond quilting adds extra dimension while giving it a tactile appeal, and this signature stitching appears on all leathers from grained calfskin to supple lambskin, as well as on fabrics like tweed.

02 – Not to be confused with flap bags, the Classic Handbag has a specific structure and array of compartments that won’t be found in seasonal offerings. The mini, for example, won’t come with the additional compartments.

What’s more, an additional leather flap is found within each Classic Handbag (with a double C stitched on the underside) that also serves as a ‘cover’ for several hidden compartments.

03 – Each bag requires 180 different steps and 15 hours of work from start to finish. This results in the creation of a bag that’s exquisite both inside and outside, truly living up to its status of being one of the most desired bags at Chanel.

04 – Offered in 4 sizes, it starts with the Small Classic Handbag at 23 cm by 14.5 cm, before going up to the Classic Handbag (regular size, 25.5 cm by 15.5 cm).

Then there’s the Large Classic Handbag (30 cm by 19.5 cm) and the biggest Maxi Classic Handbag measuring 33 cm wide and 23 cm high. In other words, a different size for everyone depending on your personal needs, though it must be said that the first 2 sizes are the most popular with women worldwide.

05 – Valued as investment pieces that will never depreciate, the time is now if you are planning to get one. Prices will only increase as the years progress and today, they go for SGD12,340, SGD13,190, SGD14,200 and SGD15,050 for the 4 respective sizes.

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