#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: 6 Chunky Designer Sandals To Love


If 1 is an anomaly, 2 a coincidence and 3 is a trend, then you can be very sure that these chunky sandals officially take the coveted top spot as shoes-of-the-moment, considering 6 of your favourite fashion houses have released their very own takes this season.

And the winning formula for creating the perfect pair of sandals is pretty simple.

First, it needs to have thick straps on both the upper and ankle, as well as buckles to keep it stable and comfortable around the feet. Next, the sole has to be chunky enough so it gives an extra height boost wherever you go.

Finally, there has to be some form of a designer logo on the sandal, whether it’s delicately embossed (Gucci and Prada), printed on (Celine) or even in shiny gold-tone form (Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton) to catch attention from afar.

These are all factors appearing in these 5 pairs, so here’s a quick run-through in alphabetical order with Singapore prices.

01Celine Leo Scratch Sandal, SGD1350
Celine’s Parisian cool aesthetic echoes throughout the Leo Scratch Sandal, evident in the bold, white CELINE logo splashed across all 4 bands in front. This pair comes with a 45 mm heel and chunky rubber outsole, and it’s considered one of the more minimal-looking pairs, free of hardware and bright colours. CELINE

02 – Chanel Sandals, SGD2280
One of the early pioneers of the chunky ‘dad’ sandal has got to be Chanel, and the French fashion house continues to add new variations with different materials, colours, and such, to the line-up now and then. This pair features a unique knitwear material on the exterior that’s almost fabric-like, but the entire interior from inner straps to insoles is crafted in leather for ultimate comfort. CHANEL

03Dior Dioract Sandal, SGD1690
One of the lesser-known features of the Dioract Sandal has got to be its anatomically shaped leather insole. This is a great point to consider if you’re going out for a long time (or perhaps while travelling), and the gold ‘DIOR’ signature is a huge plus for the logo lovers out there. DIOR

04 Gucci Women’s Sandal With Mini Double G, SGD900
Unlike the other 5 which mostly come with leather elements, this Gucci sandal is made entirely out of black rubber. A reinterpretation of a classic ’70s Gucci design, this lightweight pair has a low heel with a matching rubber sole to complete the look and aesthetic. GUCCI

05Louis Vuitton Paseo Flat Comfort Sandal, SGD1740
This practical pair is sure to steal the limelight, thanks to the chunky Monogram-engraved chain decorating the wide front strap. Louis Vuitton has also made sure that the Paseo Flat Comfort Sandal truly excels in comfort by giving it an anatomic footbed and treaded rubber outsole. LOUIS VUITTON

06Prada Padded Nappa Leather Sandals, SGD1750  
Just imagine how comfortable these Prada sandals will be with padded nappa leather wrapping perfectly around your feet all day (and night) long. This sporty-chic style is further amplified with quilted triangles all over for maximum effect, before it’s finished with the black enamel Prada logo on the sandal straps. PRADA

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