Everything To Know About The New Chanel 22 Bag


Named for the year in which it was ‘born’, the new #CHANEL22 is an enigma in itself. In a world where small and structured bags are still most favoured, it has gone against the grain and presents itself in a large (and it is really quite large) format that’s not only slouchy, but has the capacity to hold EVERYTHING you need for a good day out. And more.

Created by Chanel’s creative director Virginie Viard as part of the #CHANELSpringSummer collection, it is a bag that suits her personal punk aesthetic to a T. You can almost imagine her pulling up in motorcycle and taking off her helmet, while a #CHANEL22 is slung casually over her leather jacket-clad shoulder.

Available in a wide variety of colours and sizes for your choosing, black is one of the key colours of the bags, along with navy blue and white, which are as Virginie as it gets. Then there are two shades of pink (a coral and a softer pink) thrown in for those who prefer the soft pretty hue.


There are 3 sizes for now, the small, the regular and the large, with the littlest measuring 35 cm by 37 cm. The middle size comes in at 39 cm by 42 cm, while the largest of them all stands at a whopping 48 cm by 45 cm, quite the perfect size for quick weekend getaways.

And as with any Chanel bag, there are visual codes to be observed. From the signature quilted leather to the long leather-interlaced shoulder slings, each bag is finished with a small medallion insignia on the sling, as well as CHANEL boldly proclaimed in metal font on the front of the bag.

Slouchy, soft and supple, it is also a fun and functional bag, thanks to its magnetic snap button and drawstring closure that makes it easier to get your stuff in and out in a jiffy.

Priced between SGD7530 and SGD8490, depending on the colour and size you decide on, the #CHANEL22 looks set on becoming a new icon at the French fashion house. Indeed, it may even be a signal that plus-size bags for the ladies may soon be larger than life once more.

For more information, do visit CHANEL.com


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