Hermès Now Offers A Leather Charging Change Tray

Hermès Leather Wireless Charging TrayPHOTO COURTESY OF HERMÈS

Will wonders never cease? Not content with already offering change trays in leather and porcelain (and also, in a bid to catch up with the times), Hermès now offers a wireless charging tray as well, and in full leather, no less.

Never one to shy away from creating beautiful tech accessories, Hermès has covered the new change tray completely with Taurillon leather, and it even comes with a dedicated slot for wireless charging. Change trays are typically used to hold SLGs and keys, so it’s rather interesting seeing Hermès elevate it even further with this novel concept.

Not only does it make it easier to charge your Qi-enabled device on the hot-stamped ‘H’ leather, but it also helps to keep everything neat within one single 14.6 cm by 14.9 cm tray. 

Keen to get one? Hermès calls it the Volt’H Wireless Charging Change Tray, and you can find it in Fauve and Rouge H leather, priced at SGD2350 a piece. Made in France, the lightweight charging change tray will be sold together with a USB-C cable, though you have to plug it into your own power adapter for it to be fully functional.

Planning to elevate your home with a luxurious new twist? This would be it. 

For more information, do visit HERMÈS.com 


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