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Need help hunting for something compact yet chic from Coach? You’ll be glad to know that a new bag for the season, known as the Hero Crossbody, is here to save the day.

Not only does it come in buttery soft glove-tanned leather, the bag is also fully optimised with numerous multifunctional pockets and gusseted compartments to keep your items organised at all times.

Lift the Coach horse-and-carriage buckle and you will find a roomy (7.5 cm deep) fabric-lined interior within. The pleated effect allows the two main compartments to fan out slightly if you need extra space, and there’s an extra credit card slot that saves you the need for carrying a wallet during your quick runs around town.

Measuring 18.5 cm by 13.5 cm, this compact flap bag comes in the perfect size to sling across the body, and Coach has made this possible with a matching adjustable leather strap.

Aside from full glove-tanned leather, the Hero Crossbody also comes in canvas with refined calf leather elements, giving you a more casual option if you prefer a visually interesting mix of materials.

No matter your choice, all of the Hero Crossbody bags are priced the same, coming in at SGD650 each. Keen to find out more? Just head down to any Coach boutique today, and you will be able to try them on and give it a quick test drive before making your purchase.

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