#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: Love A Classic Money Clip? Here Are 6 To Choose From…


Something that’s not as common as it was before? Well, you’re looking at the classic money clip, loved more in a time when cash was king. And with the convenience of virtual payments these days, is it any wonder that these might disappear completely from our pockets soon?

If, however, you are still a firm believer in cash and don’t want them all crumpled or squished in the already overstuffed wallet, it’s time to consider getting one of these to hold your crisp notes in style.

What’s more, this selection in metal/silver are all guaranteed to make a statement wherever you go, and because everyone loves choices, here are 6 to consider from this polished selection.

01C de Cartier Decor Money Clip (SGD370)
The French jeweller has an amazing selection of gifts and home decor, and you will be able to find a chic assortment of money clips like this one in full stainless steel engraved with the ‘radiated’ Double C motif. CARTIER

02 –  Hermès’ Equestre Bill Clip (SGD300)
In a palladium-plated finish, this unique number is special because of its horse-shaped cutout. Go for this chic clip if you want something different from the classic rectangular clips, and it’s pretty hard to say no to an Hermès accessory priced like this. HERMÈS

03Mulberry Laser Cut Money Clip (SGD160)
As minimal as it gets, with an engraved logo signature setting the tone in front. It’s also as classic as it gets, in a shape that’s typical of money clips of yore. MULBERRY

04 Prada Money Clip (SGD660)
Prada’s version, on the other hand, is an avant-garde piece crafted in 925 silver in the shape of the ubiquitous paper clip. Called the Money Clip, you can slip your cash within, or just use it as a super chic paper clip. PRADA

05Saint Laurent ID Metal Clip (SGD290)
In an oxidised nickel for a slightly rustic/worn effect, it is made in Italy and measures some 7 cm by 1.8 cm, which is pretty standard when it comes to classic money clips. SAINT LAURENT

06Tiffany 1837 Makers Narrow Money Clip (SGD450)
Rounding up the selection is this one from Tiffany & Co. Part of the Tiffany 1837 Makers collection which features heritage pieces, this is also as well-priced as it gets for something crafted out of sterling silver. TIFFANY & CO.

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