Here’s Your Quick Refresher On Loewe’s Home Scents

Loewe Home Scents CollectionPHOTO COURTESY OF LOEWE

Home fragrances are a quick and easy way to refresh your space and if you’re on the hunt for a new favourite, it’s time to get acquainted with Loewe’s home scents collection.

The range offers plenty of choices including candles, scented wax candleholders, room diffusers and room sprays across 11 alluring aromas. Inspired by the feeling of living in close proximity to nature, the home scents distil the raw essences of plants in a vegetable garden, including beetroot, coriander and ivy, for a unique botanical experience.

First up, chic candles that double as colourful curios. Handcrafted, they feature floral fragrances and fresh foliage scented wax poured into aesthetically pleasing, ribbed terracotta earthenware vessels in gorgeous hues that reflect the scents they hold.

These are available in three sizes. For starters, there’s the small size (SGD125 for 170 g) that offers 30 hours of burn time. This makes for a great gift and is ideal for those who want to try out new scents.

Next up, the medium ones (SGD250 for 610 g) with 50 hours of burn time, for those who enjoy longer burns and who like to rotate between favourites. Lastly, the large ones (SGD520 for 2120 g) offer 80 hours of scented pleasure for the avid burner who has a go-to favourite.

Loewe Home Scents CollectionPHOTO COURTESY OF LOEWE

There’s also the wax candleholder (SGD150 for 330 g), a tapered candle that stands at 37 cm. With 10 hours of burn time, the scented candles that come in colourful tones are a fun and atmospheric way to dress up any dining table and will surely add intrigue to any interior.

If you prefer to keep things consistently fragrant on the home front without dealing with an open frame, consider a room diffuser set (SGD350). This comes with a colourful ceramic vase, again a reflection of the scent, wooden sticks and 245 ml of the scented essence for three months of continuous scented experience. You can also pick up refills at SGD140 each to keep a steady stream of your favourite home scent going, always.

Lastly, there’s the room spray (SGD140 for 150 ml) that comes in a glass stopper topped with a glazed cap that matches the scent. No commitment or maintenance needed, just spritz throughout your space when necessary or on fabrics like bed linens and curtains for a quick refresh.

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