There’s A New Size For Dior’s Iconic Book Tote


Yes, there is a new size when it comes to Dior’s iconic Book Tote, and it is going to get a tad confusing as you read on but hopefully it will be clearer by the time you reach the end of this article.

For the longest time, there were only 3 sizes when it came to the Book Tote, the mini (the smallest of them all), the small and the medium. But since the start of this year, the French fashion house has added a new small, which is a brand-new size between the mini and the original small.

In other words, it now runs from mini to small to medium and lastly, large, for a total of 4 sizes.

Measuring some 26.5 cm by 21 cm by 14 cm, the new small is just a tad bigger than the mini (22.5 cm by 24 cm by 8 cm) and a tad smaller than the medium, which stands at 36.5 cm by 28 cm by 17.5 cm. Suited for the iPad Air and other bits and bobs, the small looks pretty much like its two larger siblings, except for the obvious difference of size when viewed together.

Prices will differ depending on the finish you pick, but using #DiorOblique as a base for comparison, the mini starts at SGD3500, the (new) small at SGD4500, the medium at SGD4700 and the large rounding it up at SGD4900, which is basically a SGD200 difference for the latter 3 sizes.

Perfect for those who always wanted an in-between size, but not really a big difference to everyone else, just remember that the new small is new, and the old small is now the medium. And that’s that.

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