The Bastia & Calvi From Hermès Make The Perfect Duo


The Bastia and Calvi are two classic SLGs that are must-haves in any Hermès-loving fan’s closet. And while they might be almost similar in size, there are subtle differences between the two. Want a timeless pair of SLGs that will never go out of style? This duo would be it.

The Bastia is a change purse and not a cardholder, so it won’t be able to fit your regular credit cards with ease. However, it will be good for coins, loose keys and even a small stack of folded notes, all of which can be kept neatly within the 8.5 cm by 8 cm case. The chic and practical design even comes in a wide array of colours, ranging from brighter hues such as Bleu Électrique and Capucine to the much-loved Vert-De-Gris green.

As for the Calvi, you can think of it as two cardholders sandwiched into one, opening via the snap button closure to reveal roomy compartments on either side. The symmetrical SLG (even when opened) has its fair share of fans, gaining popularity as a unisex option in recent years. And just like the Bastia, the Calvi also comes in different seasonal hues, and what’s available really depends on what your local Hermès boutique stocks.

Prices typically range from SGD360 to SGD550 for the Bastia and Calvi in Epsom calfskin leather, before going upwards for Mysore goatskin leather and ‘verso’ styles which feature a mix of two colours. Whether you plan on getting one (or both because they serve different functions), these are as timeless as it gets, and are the perfect starter pieces if you are new to the French luxury house.

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