The Hermès Ulysse Is Another Perfect Holiday Gift Contender

Hermès Ulysse Agenda CoversPHOTO COURTESY OF HERMÈS

Looking for an excellent gift option priced under the SGD1000 mark? Well, Hermès’ Ulysse ranks high on the list, for sure. Not only does it make for a practical gift that everyone will appreciate and use daily, but it also comes in signature leathers like Swift and Togo calfskin, which are super lush and luxe.

For those who are unaware, the Ulysse is a full leather notebook cover with a palladium-plated Clou de Selle snap closure. Launched in 2002, the cover fits a wide variety of paper refills which Hermès sells separately, and the latter typically comes in a choice of coloured, white, lined or calendar pages in different sizes. Each refill can be secured easily within the Ulysse cover via snap buttons, and you can always switch them out when you run out and just need a fresh refill.

Considered an essential staple at Hermès, the Ulysse is readily available at both the stores and online via their e-commerce site. Prices vary between the choice of colour (if it’s bi-coloured, for example), leather type and size, so just now as far as prices go, they range between SGD400 and SGD940.

As for the refills, they start from SGD59 all the way to SGD120, which might seem a tad pricey at first, but consider this. This would be something you will use for a long time to come, be it for daily journalling or keeping track of your to-do lists. In other words, once you divide the cost of it over the course of 365 days, it’s really not that bad at all.

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