Louis Vuitton: 5 Things To Know About The Iconic Speedy


Think of Louis Vuitton and the iconic Speedy immediately comes to mind. And the fact that it still offered in the boutiques since its debut in the 30s speaks volumes of its ability to transcend seasons and trends. One might even go so far as to say that there is at least one in every Louis Vuitton fan’s wardrobe, and that’s saying a lot.

Yes, the Speedy is so well-loved that Louis Vuitton even introduced a tiny bag charm in the exact shape just to commemorate it. But today’s piece isn’t about how collectable it is (yes, it is), but a quick refresher on this forever classic of a bag.

01 – Adapted from the larger travel Keepall (which is another icon in its own right), the Speedy was introduced as a bag that is perfect for daily needs. Throughout the years, it became THE bag for those on the hunt for a roomy handbag, one that scores top points in terms of form and function. And now, it’s available in a wide variety of colours, finishes and sizes to choose from.

02 – What makes the Speedy an icon? Maybe it is the shape, that adorable barrel-shaped body that has never changed. Or the tubular top handles that come in pristine vachetta leather that gracefully ages, taking on a deep patina over time. Then there is the choice of finishes, from the classic monogram to the checkered patterns in Damier Azur and Damier Ebene coated-canvas, all of which make the bag instantly recognisable even from afar.

03 – Then there are the seasonal designs for the Speedy, appearing now and then to keep things fresh and exciting. Recent collaborations include the ones with Fornasetti and Urs Fischer, while Nicolas Ghesquière introduced a new oversized embroidered monogram pattern on the Speedy crafted out of Econyl®, a regenerated nylon.

04 – As far as the classics go, there’s the Speedy 25, the Speedy 30, the Speedy 35 and the Speedy 40, which are pretty much the originals. Over time, a shoulder strap was added, and those are referred to as the Speedy Bandoulière, which also came in the four sizes.

More recently, new sizes were added, from the Nano Speedy (which measures just 16 cm across), to the Speedy 20 and the Speedy 22, which comes in everything from embossed leather to jacquard fabric, so there is truly something for everyone no matter your preferences.

05 – Prices start from SGD1820 for the Nano Speedy in classic monogram canvas before going up to SGD5700 for a seasonal piece that comes in black coated canvas trimmed with fluffy shearling. Some can be personalised with your favourite colours by way of stripes with your initials, while others can be instantly reimagined with the wide variety of shoulder slings/straps to give your bag that extra zing.

For more information, kindly visit LOUISVUITTON.com


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