Dior Calls This ‘East-West Lady Dior’ The Lady D-Joy


If you are one of those who firmly believes that with the coming of the new year means getting a new bag, well, there’s something new from Dior you should check out. Known as the Lady D-Joy bag, it’s basically a stretched Lady Dior with the height flattened, for a same yet different look.

Currently only offered in a single size, the 26 cm by 13.5 cm by 5 cm bag isn’t exactly huge, but it would certainly please those still in the ‘smaller-than-small’ phase. Besides the overall shape of the bag, everything else is pretty  much the same, from the top handles to the D-I-O-R hanging charms at the side. There’s even the addition of two shoulder slings, so you can always wear it over the shoulder or across the body.


Now comes the interesting bit. There are 3 different makes for sale now, and all 3 don’t exactly come in leather. The first comes in woven raffia that’s trimmed with brown leather around the edges, handles and on the shoulder slings. Priced at SGD6300, this is also part of the #DiorCruise collection that’s gradually being released in waves at local Dior boutiques.

Next up, there’s the OTT variation that is made of full leather, but then covered with an intricate embroidered butterfly motif set against a summer garden in full bloom. Perfect for those who love girly-girl colours and prints, this is also the most expensive of the trio and comes in at SGD8000.

Last but not least, there’s one that’s pretty timeless, though taking care of a completely white bag can be a bane. Crafted out of Macrocannage technical fabric, the pale gold hardware is the perfect match to all that white, and is priced at SGD5600, which is still a pretty penny to pay for a ‘fabric’ bag.

Still, there’s no arguing the fact that they will grow on you after a while, with the shape friendly enough for even the largest of smartphones and the like. And as always, head online to Dior to make a virtual reservation before going down to the boutique of your choice to check it out.

New year, new bag, new Lady D-Joy?

For more information, please visit DIOR.com


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