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For those always on the hunt for a new beauty product to try, here are some interesting and unusual options to check out, those you never knew your favourite beauty brands made. From a hair gel by Aesop to a face moisturiser by Hermès, these offerings have been flying under the radar and may just be what you need in your life or on your beauty top shelf.

01 – Aesop may be known for its sensorial body and skin formulations, but did you know they also have grooming gel? Meet its Sculpt Hair Polish (SGD45) that’s suited to most hair types. Presented in a sleek black tube, the hair gel works to shape, add structure and volume to fine, flat, or limp hair, all while imparting shine for a wet look and high-holding style. And as with all its products, this one comes beautifully scented, with the subtle aroma of clean citrus.

02 – If you’ve recently started taking care of your luxury scented candles, you’ll be pleased to know that La Collection Privee Christian Dior has some stylish candle accessories in a sleek silver hue that help make the process easier.

There’s a candle stand (SGD40) that showcases your candle and protects the surface it’s standing on from heat, candle cover (SGD40) that’s perfect for preventing dust from forming on the wax’s surface when it’s not in use and preserving the candle’s scent, as well as a candle snuffer (SGD48) because if there’s a candle rule to abide by, it’s that you should never extinguish the flame by blowing it out.

03 – Trust French parfumerie house Diptyque to offer a cool and unusual way to wear fragrance in the form of a cute perfumed bracelet (SGD124). The perfume-infused thread tie, which comes with a detachable gold clasp, dispenses from an unwinder reminiscent of a dental floss container, with an integrated blade that allows you to pull and cut as much thread as you like.

Each dispenser contains up to 30 bracelets and for more intense diffusion of the scent, you can always wear two wraps of tie around your wrist, so you smell good all day long. Available in five scents, Do Son, Eau Capitale, Eau de Minthe, Eau Rose and Tam Dao.

04 – In recent years, Hermès has added makeup to its repertoire with a host of lipsticks, blushers and most recently, nail polishes. But for skincare lovers looking for something pampering and hydrating, the brand has an existing Eau d’Orange Verte Moisturizing Face Lotion (SGD104) that’s been flying under the radar.

Delicately scented with the same citrusy aromatic notes as the cologne of the same name, the 75 ml balm is brimming with hydrating ingredients and works as another way to wear your favourite Hermès fragrance. The lightweight and fluid lotion absorbs easily for a non-greasy finish to soothe skin and offer immediate comfort, and can also be used to soothe razor burns. Now how about that?

05 – Le Labo Fragrances is synonymous with niche perfumes and scented candles, so the following unscented beauty product makes for a pleasantly surprising find. Meet the Le Labo Lip Balm (SGD23), an unscented, colourless, non-glossy creation that encompasses the brand’s less-is-more belief. Its plant-based formula is infused with a nourishing blend of shea butter, olive oil and jojoba seed to soothe chapped, dry lips and comes in a sleek travel-friendly 15 ml tube that’s easy to squeeze, so you’ll always want to have it with you.

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