Which Celine Small Triomphe Wallet Would It Be For You?

Celine Small Triomphe WalletPHOTO COURTESY OF CELINE

How does one tell if a particular bag or SLG is popular? Well, the most layman way would be to see how many permutations it comes in, because chances are no luxury house will produce that many variants for something that doesn’t sell well to begin with. And the subject of today’s post is Celine’s Small Triomphe Wallet that has become a classic signature, with at least 12 different choices for you to pick from.

Now available in numerous colours and finishes for your choosing, several pieces come in textile with the Triomphe embroidery, while others are rendered in full shiny smooth lambskin that’s perfect for all the leather lovers out there. Newer styles include the one in stylish tweed, one that’s fully lined in tan calfskin leather for a lush combination like no other.

Looks aside, each wallet will come in the same format, starting with the gold-tone Triomphe logo that doubles up as the wallet’s clasp closure on the exterior. Unbuckling it will reveal three different compartments, giving you 5 credit card slots and a coin pocket to house everything neatly in place. There’s also a flat pocket and another for bills and notes, making this a well-rounded wallet that will fit comfortably in most smaller bags.

Prices start at SGD890 for the one in Triomphe Canvas, while the others in shiny smooth lambskin and textile are priced slightly higher at SGD940 each. All that’s left to do is choose the one that sings the most to you, and you can view them all at the boutiques in Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya Shopping Centre if you prefer to choose in person. A small selection is also available online, with complimentary express delivery reaching you within 2 to 3 working days. Which of these would be the one for you? 

For more information, kindly visit CELINE.com


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