You Can Now Make Reservations Online Via Dior Singapore


There is nothing worse than making a trip down to town and finding out the bag, SLG or accessory is not available, or even worse, sold out. Which is why many of you will definitely appreciate Dior Singapore’s new online reservation system. Wondering if the seasonal Book Tote has arrived? Or looking for the new East-West Bobby? Well, Dior has the perfect solution for you now.

All you need to do is to head to their Singapore-dedicated site, click on the bag you want and see which boutique you can find it at. Next, you just need to fill in your contact details, as well as a date (and time) for your very own one-to-one appointment, which definitely beats wondering if the trip would be worthwhile at all.

Better yet, prices in Singapore dollars are also displayed, so you can always do your homework (and sums) before deciding if the bag is for you. And this reservation service isn’t just limited to bags; you will be able to do the same with RTW, shoes and accessories for men and women, as well as most everything else you can find online at Dior. Which is definitely convenient and timely, especially with Christmas just around the corner. Let the shopping begin!

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