Goyard Launches Special Edition ‘Jet-Black’ Collection


Everyone familiar with Goyard will know their signature Goyardine canvas, and many are aware that the French house rarely deviates from the standard line-up of 11 colours like Burgundy, Grey, and Sky Blue to name a few. This is why previous exclusive editions in silver disappeared off the shelves the moment they arrived in Singapore, and this year’s special edition will do equally well for sure.

Meet Goyard’s latest Jet-Black collection, a stunning selection comprising show-stopping pieces that all come in a mix of deep blacks and greys. While the existing black Goyardine canvas is decidedly brighter, this new hue carries a dark and mysterious aura to it, paired to perfection with matte black leather for a discreet combination like no other.

Goyard calls it ‘blacker than black’, and it isn’t difficult to understand why. Iconic bags are transformed into a full-black look, right down to the leather elements on the handle of the Alto (SGD10,330), and harness on the Minaudière (SGD8270), pictured above. Identifying this as a ‘special edition’ is pretty easy, as they all come with a unique chevron detailing that Goyard reserves specially for exclusive Goyardine canvas pieces.

Singapore is also carrying two other designs in the Jet-Black collection, namely the Mini Structured Saigon and the Vendôme Mini, which are priced at SGD8810 and SGD5580 respectively. Perfect for collectors and lovers of a dark, discreet hue, the Jet-Black Special Edition is now available at Goyard’s standalone boutique in Takashimaya Shopping Centre. Do act fast to avoid disappointment, and it’s best you grab your desired piece before the weekend begins.

For more information, kindly visit GOYARD.com 


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