New Season Dior Book Tote Bags To Fall In Love With…


New editions of Dior’s beloved Book Tote are always something to look forward to every season, and the French luxury house has certainly not disappointed, with more designs unveiled for Fall-Winter 2021. Each of them features a different take on the Toile de Jouy embroidery, and you will be pleased to find ample options for both sizes which are perfect for daily use. 

For those who don’t already know, Dior’s Toile de Jouy typically refers to an embroidered fabric in a single colour. But they have decided to take things up a notch with an intricate blue gradient design for the season, showcasing an expert mix of colours for the classic Dior motif. The result is a stunning combination that looks exceptionally good front and back (and even at the sides), making this a worthy addition to any collection.

There’s also the new Toile de Jouy Flowers which reminds you of an idyllic countryside setting. Picture a landscape of trees and nature with a slight buzzing of bees, all captured to perfection in an embroidered pattern on the regular Book Tote. The third option to look out for is the Rose des Vents Toile de Jouy, a new pastel hue appearing on the small size which measures 36.5 cm by 28 cm. 

All 3 designs are now available at Dior boutiques in Singapore, with prices starting from SGD4600 for the one in the small size before going up to SGD4700 for the one in Toile de Jouy Flowers. The gorgeous blue gradient Book Tote is priced slightly higher at SGD4800 for the one in the regular size.

And if you’ve always been on the fence about the Book Tote, there’s no harm in making a trip down to the boutique and trying them in person, especially when it comes to these beautifully embroidered pieces.

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