Hermès: All You Need To Know About The Garden Party


The beloved Garden Party from Hermès is one of the most understated bags of the French luxury house, with the streamlined silhouette and minimally finished style a firm favourite with fans and newbies alike. Of course, there have been variations like the Garden File (the portrait shaped ones) and Garden Party Pockets (you know, the ones that came with exterior pockets and an added shoulder sling) which deviate ever so slightly, but nothing comes quite as close to perfection as the original Garden Party family of bags.

Even without loud monograms and oversized logos, the Garden Party is an icon in its very own right, with the subtly engraved palladium-plated Clou de Selle engraved with the words ‘Hermès Paris’ being the most visible mark on the entire bag. Doubling up as the bag’s snap closure right in the middle, it comes adorned with dual top handles that allow you to rest it in the crook of your arm, tote it or even wear it over the shoulder, depending on the size.

Today, the Garden Party is available in 3 configurations, comprising sizes 30, 36 and 49 (there used to be a 39 but it doesn’t seem to be offered anymore), which gives you the general idea that the genderless style is suited for anyone and everyone. Love a casual design? Go for the ones that come in a mix of toile (canvas) and leather, a lightweight option that will pair well with most anything. Alternatively, you can always consider the ones in full leather, often crafted out of the soft Negonda calfskin or scratch-resistant Epsom leather depending on your needs. The latter will also give the Garden Party a stiffer look and feel, making it a great option for those who intend on getting a workhorse tote that’s easy to maintain as well.

As for the sizes, the smallest of them all would be the Garden Party 30 which measures 30 cm wide and 21 cm high. The next size up would be the Garden Party 36 that’s large enough for your MacBook and A4 document folders at 36 cm by 26 cm. The largest of them all would be the Garden Party 49 (also known as the GP Voyage) which stands at 49 cm wide and 36 cm high, one that you can certainly consider for a weekend staycation or carry-on luggage for your travels in the near future.

An added perk of the Garden Party lies in its expandable sides, thanks to the additional snap buttons located at each end that can be unbuttoned for days when you need a tad bit more space. Prices start from SGD3200 for the Garden Party 30 in toile/leather, before going up to SGD5900 for the Garden Party 49. Designs like the Garden Party 30 and Garden Party 36 in full leather come in at SGD5100 and SGD5500 respectively, though there will be slight variations in price when it comes to either Epsom or Negonda leathers.

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