Goyard’s Senat Pouch Welcomes A Brand New Size


When Goyard unveiled images of the new MGM size on social media, fans were guessing if it was going to be an even bigger version of the pre-existing GM sized one or one that’s given a slightly different twist. Well, there’s no need to guess anymore because the new pouch has officially launched at Goyard Singapore’s standalone boutique in Takashimaya Shopping Centre, so you can head down to take a look if you’re planning to do some shopping this coming weekend.

You can think of the MGM (35 cm by 26 cm) as a new size between the MM (medium) and GM (large), perfect for those who love the idea of the GM but found it a tad too big for everyday use. The MGM will be large enough to hold A4 documents, continental wallets and SLGs, with ample space for your mobile phone or even an iPad which can all be zipped shut. Alternatively, you can consider using this new size as a bag organiser, one that will fit perfectly within the Artois MM or Saint Louis GM with ease.

The Senat Pouch has long been considered as one of the greatest classics available at Goyard, thanks to its sleek lines and minimal format that scores top points in terms of practicality and elegance. You can expect the same for the new MGM size, one that carries signature elements such as their famed yellow lining, G-shaped zipper pull tab and small leather pocket within for cards or cash. Priced at SGD1610 and SGD2010 for the classic colours (Black and Black/Tan) and special colours (which is basically everything else) respectively, you can view them all in person and get yourself a chic zip pouch if you’re currently on the hunt for one.

For more information, kindly visit GOYARD.com


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