Celebrate 10 Years Of The Furla Candy With The New #FurlaReCandy


Who would have imagined that Furla’s Candy is officially 10 years old? It was all the rage back then, with many of you snapping up multiple pieces in an assortment of colours, and now the beloved icon of Furla is swinging back in style with a brand new format known as #FurlaReCandy.

So why the addition of ‘re’, you ask? Well, the new bags are now made with a sustainable approach in mind, including recycled plastic manufactured by an Italian company, with energy obtained from certified renewable sources. Other noteworthy points include the FSC-certified paper label tag and dust bag crafted from recycled cotton that’s further dyed using natural colours.


Even the chunky accessories and shoulder strap are all made entirely out of recycled materials, further proving Furla’s commitment to creating a new and sustainable Re-Candy bag. In doing so, you can also send the bag to be fully recycled at the end of its ‘cycle of use’ (when you have moved on to another design or decide not to carry it anymore), so that’s another plus for those worried about the environmental concerns with any new bag purchase.

Each piece will feature the oversized Re-Candy text embossed at the base, while the FURLA logo is placed in a discreet format near the handles of the bags. As for the colours, you will be pleased to find it available in BlueLime GreenOrangePink and Purple, all of which are colourful hues inspired by a vibrant field of flowers.

There will be two sizes to keep an eye out for; there’s the Mini Bag M which measures 16 cm by 13 cm, while the Boston Bag S is slightly larger at 26 cm by 21 cm. Priced at SGD300 and SGD390 respectively, the Re-Candy looks set on being a new Furla favourite for the season, and you can find them at local boutiques in Marina Bay Sands and Paragon Shopping Centre right now.

For more information, kindly visit FURLA.com


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