Apple: 13 Things To Know About The #iPhone13 & #iPhone13Mini


September might be one of fashion’s most celebrated months, but it’s also a buzzy season for Apple with its major event that showcases updates on new iPhone models and other celebrated tech devices. The highly anticipated #iPhone13 is one of the key highlights, of course, and you will find added improvements and innovations packed into the sleek new design. Now, because this is the 13th edition of the iPhone, here are 13 things to know about the #iPhone13 and #iPhone13Mini.


01 – The #iPhone13 and #iPhone13Mini come with 6.1-inch and 5.4-inch displays respectively, with a cool flat-edge design finished with a robust and elegant-looking aluminium frame.

02 – All models will come in the sleek aluminium finish, with 5 different colours like Blue, Midnight, Pink (yes, PINK guys! PINK!), (PRODUCT)RED and Starlight. For those who are slightly confused, do note that Midnight and Starlight are essentially black and white respectively.

03 – The advanced dual-camera system has now been re-organised in a diagonal layout which is perfect for taking even more quality photos and videos. The wide camera is updated with bigger pixels that offer powerful sensor-shift optical image stabilisation (a first for the #iPhone13Mini). This also allows both cameras to capture images with even more detail, resulting in less noise in low light conditions.

04 – Look out for the new Cinematic mode with recordings in Dolby Vision HDR to capture everything from people to pets and objects, so anyone can be their own filmmaker. There are also additional photographic styles to personalise the camera, and videos can also be adjusted easily on iMovie and Final Cut Pro in post-production.

05 – Even the TrueDepth camera in front is now smaller, but it does offer the same functions like FaceID and taking ‘selfies’ while on the go.

06 – Both the #iPhone13 and #iPhone13Mini offer ultra-fast performance thanks to the updated Neural Engine in the A15 Bionic. A new 6-core CPU allows for top performance and lifelike visual effects for some of your favourite graphic-intensive mobile games.

07 – Another plus point includes the longer battery life, this time up to 2 and a half hours more than the #iPhone12, thanks to efficient components and the A15 Bionic engine.

08 – The Super Retina XDR OLED display delivers a 28% increase in max outdoor brightness that aids in HDR content for all your photography and videography needs. Each display also has extra durability with a ceramic shield front cover for added protection, which is always appreciated.

09 – You can also count on the industry-leading IP68 rating for water resistance designed for protection against the occasional spills, though you should always stay cautious when using your tech device near water.

10 – The #iPhone13 and #iPhone13Mini will also be 5G-ready (+1 for those who are currently on 5G mobile plans), with an integrated iOS15 and unbeatable built-in privacy.

11 – Apple also aims to be more environmentally friendly, with 100% recycled tin used in the solder of the main logic board and battery management unit. Both models will also come with antenna lines created from upcycled plastic water bottles and a redesigned packaging that does away with the need for having an external plastic wrap.

12 – Look out for more space in the entry-level models starting at 128GB, before going up to 256GB and 512GB for all 5 colours of the #iPhone13 and #iPhone13Mini.

13Pre-orders start on 17 September 2021 online via Apple, priced from SGD1149 for the #iPhone13Mini and SGD1299 for the #iPhone13. Thereafter, you will be able to find them available for sale on 24 September 2021 at Apple stores in Singapore, or you can head over to your local mobile service provider for details as well.

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