Turn The Act Of Cleansing Into A Luxurious Escape With Dior Prestige’s New Cleansers


The benefits of a proper face cleanse are apparent to all and while you may find yourself merely going through the motions of the utilitarian to-do, Dior Beauty is changing that by turning the simple act of cleansing into a soothing and luxurious escape.

A welcomed three-step ceremony in this uncertain time, the routine highlights the brand’s Prestige range of reformulated cleansers that are now brimming with 22 new essential micro-nutrients, from its celebrated anti-ageing Rose de Granville ingredient, to revitalise skin cells. Together with lush textures and a relaxing rose scent, you’ll soon find yourself looking forward to indulging and washing off everything from the day.


The carefully choreographed cleansing ritual begins with makeup removal using the Le Baume Démaquillant (SGD139). Thanks to its cocktail of rose wax and oils, the balm melts upon contact with the skin and transforms into a luxurious silky oil that dissolves even the most stubborn impurities and makeup. This also gives an extra slip for those who would like to throw in a tension-relieving face massage. Upon contact with water, it turns into a silky milk that rinses away perfectly to leave skin soft and hydrated.

Next, reach for a foaming cleanser to complete the double cleanse. Consider the brand’s new Le Savon (SGD128) hand-polished soap bar or La Mousse Micellaire (SGD128), both of which work into rich, creamy foam for a pampering experience. The former is brimming with a wealth of hydrating agents and takes with it impurities and the slightest trace of makeup, while the latter, enriched with rose micelles, gently removes sebum and impurities for fresh, radiant and clean skin without the squeak.

To complete the ritual, exfoliate with the rinse-off Le Sucre de Gommage (SGD160), a gentle scrub that’s designed to be used two to three times a week. Apply this on damp skin and let its fine sugar micro-crystals, steeped in butters, oils and waxes, slough off dead skin cells as you work it in a circular motion for instantly radiant and velvety soft skin.

Ready to transform your current cleanse into a therapeutic act of respite? The reformulated Dior Prestige cleansers are now available at Dior Beauty boutiques and counters islandwide, and online via SEPHORA and TANGS.

For more information, please visit DIOR.com


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