TAG Heuer: 5 Things To Know About Their New ‘Super Mario’ Timepiece


Nobody would have seen this coming, but TAG Heuer and Nintendo have officially joined forces, creating a new timepiece that has broken new ground in the world of gaming and watchmaking. Meet the TAG Heuer Connected, your ‘active-on-the-go’ smartwatch that’s now dressed up with Super Mario. There’s quite a bit of detail that goes into the watch, so read on to find out 5 things that you must know about the limited-edition timepiece. 


01 – Just like the Super Mario game itself, you can have a little adventure with the watch, as it unlocks various ‘rewards’ if you complete certain ‘quests’ like racking up your step count, amongst others. Upon reaching different stages of your daily target, the dial will showcase a different animation for a fun and whimsical twist. 

02 – Each TAG Heuer Connected Super Mario (SGD3050) will be sold together with exclusive packaging, and the watch faces are all completely redesigned in Super Mario colours. There’s one called Timekeeping which takes retro elements from the 1985 version of the game, and others that come in red and blue hues which are adapted from Super Mario himself. The fourth version known as Orbital rotates and moves in a mesmerising pattern. 

03 – Interchangeable straps are also a new feature to look forward to, giving you different looks that you can switch around with ease. Go for the elegant black leather if you want something more discreet, or you can always opt for the sportier alternative in perforated red rubber. Mario’s ‘M’ symbol is also engraved on the strap buckles and crown, adding that detailed touch that will please the fans.

04 – Save the date for 15 July 2021, as the TAG Heuer Connected Super Mario will only be available in limited quantities worldwide (2000 made, with just 25 units in Singapore), so you know what to do if you would like to get your hands on one. Available only in a single size (45 mm diameter), the watch has a battery life for a full day’s usage, and it’s also equipped with extras like a heart rate monitor and compass for your daily adventures. 

05 – This will not be the only time Nintendo will be collaborating with TAG Heuer, as the brand has announced that this will be the start of a long-term partnership that will only see more timepieces that will see more timepieces created between the two. In other words, you just might see more of your favourite Nintendo characters coming to life, and you can start the collection right now with Mushroom Kingdom’s very own hero, Super Mario. 

For more information, do visit TAGHEUER.com


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