And Here Are Some New Season #DiorBobby Bags To Drool Over…


Fans of the #DiorBobby, rejoice! The casual and fun flap bag (with all its beautiful curves and inimitable CD logo) will come in brand new combinations for the season, and this is your quick peek at 4 different ones that are available across all Dior boutiques in Singapore. The beautiful selection is pretty diverse to boot; whether you’re a fan of polished calfskin leather, the #DiorOblique jacquard, or perhaps the newish Toile de Jouy motif, you’re in for a treat.


The bags mainly come in the medium size, which measures 22 cm wide and 17 cm high, making it the perfect in-between size that’s great for all your daily essentials. You will also notice that 3 styles will be sold together with the thin leather strap, with the fourth option in grey #DiorOblique jacquard coming with a thicker canvas strap in a matching finish. Quick note? The thinner straps are adjustable to 5 different lengths, while the latter is fixed at 95 cm. 

Go for the Lime and Raspberry if you love a bright pop of colour on leather, or you can always zoom in on the reverse Toile de Jouy from the Dioriveria range that’s definitely different. Of course, you can’t go wrong with the timeless #DiorOblique, with the grey hue being a neutral choice that goes well with practically any outfit you have in mind. Priced at SGD5500 each, the #DiorBobby is destined to hold a special place at the French luxury brand, so if you want a contemporary classic that’s versatile as well, this would be it.

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