Loewe Welcomes The Nano Size For The Flamenco


Move over, Mini Flamenco, because Loewe has introduced the even smaller Nano Flamenco, giving you another reason to fall in love with the Flamenco once again. Officially the tiniest option yet, this 15.5 cm by 12.5 cm bag is an absolute bundle of joy, crafted in the buttery soft Nappa calfskin leather complete with all the signature elements of the Flamenco family. 

The drawstring pulls? Check. The iconic coiled knots at the sides? Check. It even has the Anagram logo in the corner, rounding it up as as one of, if not the most, iconic Loewe bags of all time. After all, the Flamenco was first launched back in the 1970s, and it’s pretty amazing still seeing it available as a classic design at the Spanish luxury house today.

The bag has a roomy interior for several essentials, all of which can be kept easily in view whenever you prise the hidden magnetic closure open to reach for your contents within. The gold suede (yes, real suede and not fabric lining) is a lovely touch, complementing the smooth leather exterior to give you a luxurious combination like no other. 


Interestingly, the Nano Flamenco will also be sold together with a chain instead of the usual leather strap, giving it a contemporary (and refreshing) twist. Alternatively, you can always remove the chain altogether and hold it as a clutch that’s perfect for the grab-and-go. Priced at SGD1900 each, you will find the Nano Flamenco in 8 different colours. From nature-inspired tones like BlossomRosemary and Vermillion to safer choices like Soft White and Vintage Khaki, which would it be for you? 

For more information, kindly visit LOEWE.com


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