Cire Trudon La Promeneuse: A New Way To Scent Your Space


If you’re still on the hunt for the right product that will both scent your space and tastefully elevate your interiors, consider Cire Trudon’s La Promeneuse that will fit into any artfully created setting while diffusing mood-lifting scents. 

Not your usual scented candle, this instead is a decorative object in a nostalgic lantern shape, designed to diffuse fragrances from the world’s oldest candle maker. Measuring 10.5 cm in height and 9 cm in diameter, the stand with a white ceramic base holds a characteristic rippled antique glass cover in dark green, a colour reminiscent of the brand’s classic candle vessels, and is paired with charming brass hardware.

Each set comes with four wax cameos, which are infused with the label’s most evocative scents, including Abd El Kader, Ernesto, Odalisque and Solis Rex. To scent your space, simply place one of the cameos on the brass spoon in the white ceramic dish on top, and light one of the four night-lights that are included in the set, beneath. The heated cameo will melt and diffuse your chosen scent through your space, making it a great option for those spending more time indoors and looking to make your environment as enjoyable as possible.

Ready to perfume your room with this elegant fragrance diffuser? Priced at SGD530, the Cire Trudon La Promeneuse is now available to cart out online via ESCENTIALS.

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