#CHANELMetiersdArt: This Checkers Set Is A Work Of Art


As you already know, Chanel’s Métiers d’Art is all about celebrating the finest things that life has to offer, especially when storied houses like Goossens (goldsmith since 1950), Lemarié (feather and flower maker since 1880) and Maison Michel (hatter and milliner since 1936) come together for an annual collection as privileged partners of the house. This time, however, one of the most interesting novelties is this black-and-white game set that takes the cake for sure. 

Launching together with the latest #CHANELMetiersdArt collection, this is a checkers set like no other. The board is crafted from lambskin leather, featuring the iconic diamond-lozenge motif on one side and the checkerboard on the other. Flanked by the CHANEL logo on opposite ends, two players can take turns to move diagonally to jump over the opponent’s pieces, with the final winner being the one with the most pieces remaining at the end of the game.

When not in use, the entire board can be rolled up before it’s sealed in place by 2 silver-tone Chanel caps. As for the tokens, they go into the rigid tube that’s built at the side of the leather board, making for a neat way to store everything in place. Priced at SGD9170 each, it will only be offered in limited quantities (as with all collector pieces), so head down to Chanel at Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya Shopping Centre to indicate your interest now.

For more information, do visit CHANEL.com


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