#CHANELICONICBAG: 5 Things Maybe You Never Knew…


While the original flap bag will always be the 2.55, the #CHANELICONICBAG is easily one of, if not the most, popular bags available at the French luxury house today. Commonly referred to as the 11.12 or Classic Flap, here are some other interesting facts that will pique your interest for sure. 

01 – That CC clasp you see right in front? Well, it didn’t make an appearance until Karl Lagerfeld came on board Chanel in the early 1980s. Created as a contemporary spin-off to the rectangular Mademoiselle Lock found on the 2.55 handbag, the inimitable CC clasp (you know, Coco Chanel), has since established itself as a timeless icon of the house. 

02 – The same can be said of the leather-interlaced strap. It was introduced for the #CHANELICONICBAG, whereas previous iterations like the 2.55 only came with full-chain straps. There were also subtle tweaks in terms of how the links came into place, with wider gaps to allow for the leather to be woven through for a look like no other that’s still emulated by many others till this very day.

03 – The purity of lines come together to form the signature diamond quilting, an element that was inspired by the equestrian world that Gabrielle Chanel loved so dearly. Word has it that the jackets of the male stablehands typically came with the lozenge pattern, and the #CHANELICONICBAG has a particular boyish charm that’s still relevant today.

04 – How many handbags can you name offhand that come with as many compartments as the #CHANELICONICBAG? There’s a zip pocket on the underside to store personal secrets and the like. Under the secondary double flap you will find even more slip pockets (a slot for your iPhone, two smaller ones behind, one for your lipstick/lip balm) all sitting alongside the roomy main compartment. 

05 – Above all, the savoir-faire that goes into the creation of each bag is truly spectacular. The body and the base are combined using the ‘bag in the bag’ technique so the inside will always match the outside. This means that 2 bags have to be crafted to make both the interior and exterior, before elements like the hardware, zipper pulls and straps come together into place to complete the #CHANELICONICBAG.

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