Chanel: Did You Know That There Are Different Types Of Classic Small Flap Wallet?


The Classic Small Flap Wallet might be one of the more popular SLGs at Chanel, but did you know that it comes in 2 different styles for the season? Take a closer look at the image above and you will realise that there are slight variations in terms of the flap positioning for the one in grey versus the ones in brown and light pink, and that’s because they feature two different interior layouts.

The one in grey can be considered the newer version, opening to reveal reveal 4 card slots, an extended bill compartment and a zipped pocket peeking out from the side. As for the ones in brown and light pink, they both come in the traditional style, with 6 slots, a shorter bill compartment and 2 more pockets, which will fit a tad bit more. However, the coin pocket is found only at the back, which might get a tad bulky if you squeeze too much within the L-shaped compartment.

New styles to consider are always a plus, especially when there are different needs when it comes to getting that perfect SLG. Do note that prices are also slightly different, starting at SGD1260 for the newer style (in grey), before going up to SGD1310 for the other two. All 3 colours are new for the season, with that caramel brown being one of the hot favourites of late. Light pink is always a good choice for those who love a feminine hue, while grey is the colour that’s also the most unisex. Choices aplenty, but which one has your heart?

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