Hermès: Why The Bearn Compact Wallet Is A Must-Have SLG


For those who are firm believers in getting just one wallet and sticking with it for years, the Hermès’ Bearn will be just that, provided you take ample care of it, course. One that has weathered the test of time, the fact that it remains a classic staple in the French luxury house speaks volume of its success. The ‘H’ tab closure is a subtle nod to the brand, while the sleek leather strap slides open easily to reveal a well-compartmentalised interior for storing cards, coins and more.

Available in a few styles, the Bearn Compact Wallet is especially useful considering longer wallets are slowly going out of favour (what with bags getting smaller and smaller), and these measure just 12 cm high by 9.5 cm wide that makes them small enough to fit into most handbags. 

Above all, the unisex Bearn Compact Wallet comes in a myriad of colours, leaving you truly spoilt for choice. ÉtoupeGold and Noir are just some of the classic hues that are constantly on rotation at the boutiques and Hermès Singapore’s online store. Others like Bleu Atoll and Rose Extrême will pop in from time to time, so it’s all about fastest fingers first. Interestingly, prices remain the same whether you’re going for Epsom calfskin or Mysore goatskin (it’s usually more expensive for the latter), with both priced at SGD3600 each.

For more information, kindly visit HERMÈS.com


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