Hermès: Not The Oran, But The Oasis


Hermès has taken a rather interesting approach for some of its signature sandals. Several of them are offered in two different formats, one featuring a shorter (almost flat-like) sole, and the other with a 5 cm heel that will give you an added height boost with every step. These include styles like the Camelia and Celena, as well as the ‘OG’ classic of them all, the Oran, and its taller sibling Oasis, which happens to be the subject of today’s post. 

While the Oran is known as the casual version that’s all about the slide-and-go, the elevated heel on the Oasis gives the latter a more formal look, making it perfect for days when you need a dressier option. Some of you ladies also swear by the 5 cm heel, so you never feel like you’re walking on the ground, and it also comes with added benefits like giving you a better posture whenever you’re out and about.

Aside from the heel, everything else is kept relatively the same, from the ‘H’ cut-out strap to the leather insole stamped with the Hermès logo closer to the back. It comes without surprise that the Oasis is priced slightly higher than the Oran (thanks to the heel), with prices starting from SGD1050. Certain designs feature a matching tone-on-tone colour for the heel and ‘H’ cut-out strap, while classic colours like BlancGold and Noir each come with a natural wooden heel till this very day. Yes, the Oasis might not be as popular, but it does have a decent range available at Hermès Singapore’s online store (about 13 different options), as well as over at their boutiques located islandwide. 

For more information, do visit HERMÈS.com


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