Valentino Garavani Crochet Sneakers


10 hours. 88 needles. 100-metre wire. 2 crochets. These are just some of the essential steps that go into building the woven upper of Valentino Garavani’s new Crochet Sneakers, and it is with good reason that you should take an in-depth look at this gorgeous new creation at your favourite Valentino boutique today. A true example of fine Italian craftsmanship, these sneakers take design elements from the world of couture, such as the macramé lace technique that’s introduced for the very first time across the RTW and accessories collection at Maison Valentino.

To complement the intricate layering of the woven upper, Maison Valentino has chosen to add the VLogo Signature sole, one that requires 170 minutes and 20 different processes (with 3 resin treatments) to create a sturdy and structured base that keeps you comfortable with every step. Together, they form a contemporary design that’s perfect for your casual daytime wear, and you can choose from colours like the neutral-looking Black/Grey, or go for the bright and vibrant pairs in Orange Zest and Yellow.

At SGD1580, Valentino’s Garavani Crochet Sneakers might be priced slightly higher than the conventional leather sneakers currently available at Maison Valentino, but this is also because each pair is completely made by hand. Simply put, not only will you will be getting a sneaker that’s uniquely put together by hand, but also no two pairs are alike due to the different artisans working on each pair. The other piece of good news? There’s a pretty wide range of sizes that will appeal to any gender, so everyone can grab a new pair to add to their ever-growing sneaker collection. Which colour would it be for you? 

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