Hermès: Have You Seen The New Constance Slim?


Hermès recently welcomed a new baby into its ever-growing family, the Constance Slim which is part-wallet and part-bag. For days when you need a small (but cute) accessory, this miniature wonder ticks all the right boxes thanks to its delightful size and proportions, with added versatility (it can be worn in several ways) that makes it a must-have for fans of anything Constance.


Each Constance Slim is equipped with a loop at the back, allowing you to strap it through your favourite Hermès belt to wear it comfortably around the hip like a chic belt bag. Measuring 12.4 cm by 10.2 cm, the proportions also double up as a compact-sized wallet, opening to 2 credit card slots and a removable change purse to keep your essentials neat and organised.

Creative individuals have taken the liberty of dressing up the SLG even further, sliding their own chain or leather strap under the flap to convert it into a mini bag which can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. Its versatile nature is precisely why the Constance Slim remains rather elusive at Hermès, though you might be able to find it in colours like CraieÉtoupe and Noir if you’re lucky enough. Priced from SGD5300, your best bet would be to head down to the boutique to enquire further, or have a go at checking Hermès’ e-commerce site in Singapore.

For more information, do visit HERMÈS.com


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