#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: 3 New Quirky petit h Objects & How To Use Them


Hermès’ petit h arrived in Singapore in November 2019 to roaring success, and the French luxury brand continues to update its offerings bit by bit online, releasing quirky items that make for lovely gift ideas for your home or for your loved ones. Everything in the petit h range is created in reverse, where the end product is made using leftover materials or sourced from completed pieces that didn’t make the QC cut. One of the unique ways Hermès employs to support their own sustainability efforts since the early 2000s, they even invite artists and artisans to create one-off pieces that are made in limited quanities.

Some of the newer designs include this trio above, and here are some ways to show how you can style these petit h objects. First up, the Band-Aid Accessory (SGD200 for 3) is made from leather on one side and a ‘stickered’ side on the other. Not recommended for your cuts (it’s not that kind of Band-Aid), use it instead to keep your tech cables in position, personalise your notebook or stick it over the webcam on your laptop, peeling it off only on days when you need to take a Zoom call or a FaceTime meeting.

Next up would be the Maillons Enchaines Shoe Accessory (SGD390), one that’s fashioned out of a leather Chain d’Ancre cut-out and sealed with a brass padlock for added shine and sparkle. Each piece is a reversible accessory in two contrasting colours, so you can flip it around and attach it through the laces to give an extra pop of colour to your classic-looking white leather sneaker.

Lastly, the Heart Charm (SGD460) comes equipped with a 100% silk twill cord, and you can use it as a bag charm in place of the usual Rodeo charm. And when Christmas rolls around, they will look perfect on the tree too. Do note that everything in the petit h range will be sent out as a ‘surprise’, so you can’t pick or choose your colour if you purchase it online. Intrigued? Find them all online via this link, available for shipping directly to you in Singapore once you hit the checkout button.

For more information, do visit HERMÈS.com


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