Saint Laurent Quilted Vintage Denim Small Puffer


Quite the unexpected hit of late, Saint Laurent’s new Puffer has been making waves on social media, especially the one in quilted vintage denim that’s also the subject of today’s post. It scores extra points for coming in a casual alternative like denim, a true standout from normal Saint Laurent bags that come in full leather. And while it does come in 2 sizes, the small is honestly the one to watch, measuring 29 cm wide and 17 cm high that’s frankly anything but small.

The perfect size for daily use, it is roomy enough for all your essentials. With a base of 11 cm, you can even throw in your gym gear along with a water bottle, making this your daily beater that can take you easily from work to play in no time at all. You can opt to carry it by looping the chain handles twice, allowing the Puffer bag to sit comfortably under the arm like a lovely pillow bag. Alternatively, you can do the ‘easy’ way by letting the strap hang down, giving you a crossbody format for that casual look.

The suede top handles are a lovely touch against the blue denim body, and the bronze-tone YSL logo and chain straps add to that vintage appeal which works exceptionally well for this piece. Only available for sale at the boutiques in ION Orchard and Marina Bay Sands, you can reserve your piece in-store to ensure that you will not be disappointed when you visit the boutique, before doing a quick grab-and-go if this cool Puffer is indeed for you.

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