Hermès Garden Party 49 Voyage Bag


Simplicity, style and function all come together in Hermès’ Garden Party, a roomy handheld tote (or handbag for the smaller pieces) which comes in a variety of sizes like the 30, 36 and 49. Previously known as the TPM, PM and TGM respectively, the Garden Party has taken on a new name that now reflects the bag’s width in ‘cm’, and today’s post is all about the biggest (and quite rarely seen) one currently in production, the Garden Party 49 Voyage Bag in a gorgeous combination of Bleu Nuit and Cassis.

Measuring 49 cm wide and 36 cm high, this sizeable tote is truly made for those who are all about carrying everything but the kitchen sink, great for that weekend staycation or even a short cruise trip, which seems to be all the rage at the moment. The 49 is technically a supersized version of the standard Garden Party, but it manages to retain the signature silhouette, thanks to the Clou de Selle snap fasteners on the sides and middle that keep the bag from going out of shape.

The Country cowhide handles and base also give the Garden Party added structure and strength, this time coming in Bleu Nuit that’s a perfect compliment to the Cassis canvas exterior. The leather interior zip pocket is also a nice touch that adds to the appeal of the Garden Party, and you can find this size available from time to time at the boutiques (and online as well), priced from SGD6200 each. A charming option that the boys can pull off easily as well, this is one bag you wouldn’t want to miss out on, especially if you have been looking for a supersized carryall to literally carry all.

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