Dior Prestige Light-In-White La Solution Lumière Activated Serum



The rose may very well be just the brightening and revitalising skincare ingredient your skin needs, with its potent powers blooming in many a product lately, including Dior Prestige’s revitalised Light-In-White La Solution Lumière Activated Serum.

It’s the first brightening and regenerating serum by the brand that’s capable of addressing the concerns associated with the diffusion of light, by revitalising skin and reflecting light for a more luminous complexion.

An ultra-activated floral bouquet lies at the heart of the formula, with white rose nectar to intensely illuminate and correct pigment concerns, while other flowers act to soothe and support even the most sensitive skin. Also present are the regenerative powers of the Rose de Granville, the jewel of the Dior Prestige, and a newly added floral molecule derived from the antioxidant-rich Japanese artemisia capillaris to eradicate the ravages of oxidative stress, anti-age and give skin translucency.

Presented in a new glass bottle with a gold cap, the fresh, lightweight serum is dispensed using an ergonomic pipette that delivers the perfect dose of product. It soothes and envelops the skin in absolute comfort and absorbs quickly, leaving a smooth, velvety feel for a luxurious ritual.

Priced at SGD570 for 30 ml, Dior Prestige’s Light-in-White La Solution Lumière Activated Serum is now available at Dior Beauty’s boutiques and counters islandwide.

For more information, do visit DIOR.com


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