Cartier: Celebrating The Culture Of Design With Juste Un Clou


Nobody would have imagined that the idea of using a humble nail as inspiration for fine jewellery would do exceptionally well in the years and decades that followed. You can thank Aldo Cipullo (yes, the same man who designed Cartier’s equally iconic LOVE) for the unconventional yet thought-provoking creation that is the Juste Un Clou, heralded as one of Cartier’s signature pieces till this very day.


Created in the 70s and reintroduced in 2012, the ‘nail bracelet’ is the perfect representation of Cartier’s vision of an individual who dares to be different, featuring the diamond-shaped tip and engraved ridges reminiscent of the flat-headed hardware. It’s an unmistakable piece even from afar, and the fact that it has established itself as an icon without any logos or fancy embellishments speaks volumes of its celebrated design.


The fluid-looking Juste Un Clou bracelet is designed to wrap close to the skin, made possible due to the immense research on proportions and volume that goes into each and every piece. Whether you’re going for the smallest 15 cm or the largest 20 cm, the bracelet is designed to sit perfectly well on your wrist, a unisex piece that works for both him and her.

Aside from the signature ‘nail bracelet’, the Juste Un Clou family comprises earrings, necklaces and rings, with prices starting from SGD1210 for the single-sided earring. As for the Juste Un Clou Bracelet SM, that’s currently priced at SGD4550 each for the ones in rose and yellow gold, before going up to SGD10,200 and SGD10,900 for the original design in rose/yellow gold and white gold respectively. Of course, if you fancy extra diamonds, there are also 4 different settings to look out for, such as the ones with diamond-paved tips that start from SGD16,900.

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