Fendi: DIY Your Own Baguette With This Embroidery Kit


While it is easy enough these days to add your initials to a new bag or SLG (or personalise it to some effect), how often do you get to DIY an entire handbag, and one from Fendi, no less? Sold together with an embroidery kit containing coloured cotton threads in the same hues as the rainbow and then some, the selection ranges from primary colours (red, yellow and blue) to darker shades of black and navy, as well as metallic options in bronze, silver and gold for an extra sheen. The kit will also come with needles and thimbles, all of which come in a beautiful yellow presentation box to create a Baguette that’s yours and yours alone.


Finished with the signature gold-tone FF clasp in front, as well as two straps (one long, one short), the perforated detailing on the iconic bag that’s made of cotton will allow you to embroider the coloured threads all over the front, back and sides, or even on the straps which come in the same colour as the bag itself.

A truly unique experience that’s perfect for the fans and collectors of all-things Fendi, you can head over to the Italian luxury house’s Singapore online store to purchase one right now. The best part? It’s priced around the same as standard Baguette fabric bags today, coming in at SGD3950 for the entire set (yes, everything from the threads to the custom Fendi box). You just need to take out some time during #WFH and work on this little darling for a bag that will be different from everyone else’s.

And if you need to see the entire set in person before you decide, you can pop down to Fendi Marina Bay Sands or ION Orchard now. You’re welcome.

For more information, do visit FENDI.com


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