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Sitting at the pinnacle of luxury skincare is Clé de Peau Beauté’s Synactif range, one of the most indulgent routines out there. This holistic regimen, inspired by detoxifying spa experiences and backed by extensive research, aids skin’s natural processes of removing impurities and supports its self-beautifying system for regenerated, radiant and sculpted beauty.

Now, the transformative collection has been upgraded to work even better. What’s new? An exclusive Purifying Beautifier complex featuring a blend of botanical ingredients, which come into play to further enhance skin’s beautifying system by improving its condition and appearance. Science aside, this maximises skin’s potential for revitalised skin that looks youthfully firm and supple.

The formula advancement, as well as elevated packaging, has been rolled out throughout the brand’s 7 synergistic offerings, starting with the Soap (SGD155) that cleanses and purifies, followed by the hydrating and brightening Lotion (SGD295). After your skin is prepped, choose from the Daytime Moisturiser (SGD315) or the Daytime Moisturiser Enriched (SGD315), both of which protect skin from daily stressors.

Next, opt for the Nighttime Moisturiser (SGD368) that supports skin’s reparative ability for the evenings, with the extra iconic and potent Cream (SGD1890) to revitalise and nourish. And lastly, the Eye Cream (SGD650) for a well-rested eye area. While you might have noticed that prices have increased slightly, you can’t put a price on beauty.

As you sit and massage the luxurious lotions and creams into your skin for some seriously glowy results, take a deep breath and take in the signature Rose Synactif fragrance that brings a wave of relaxation and delivers a sensorial experience that is utterly sublime, one that will make anyone feel royal. Clé de Peau Beauté’s revitalised Synactif range is now available islandwide.

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