Louis Vuitton: All-New Épi Colours For The Petit Sac Plat


The Petit Sac Plat took the fashion world by storm when it launched back in June 2020, coming in options like Monogram Canvas, as well as Noir and Rose Ballerine in Épi leather. It scored top marks for its fun (but yet still functional) silhouette, and the introductory colours were pretty much safe-looking hues that made them an instant winner for lovers of a classic handbag.

But if you’re one of those looking forward to the Petit Sac Plat in brighter colours and prints, the good news is that Louis Vuitton has introduced all-new versions recently. Aside from the royal blue version from the Since 1854 collection, you can look forward to this trio over here, all coming in the splash-proof and scratch-resistant Épi leather. There’s Bleuet which reminds one of the clear blue skies, the zesty yellow Janue Cédrat, and the bold pink Rose Pondichéry that will match your favourite lipstick to a T.

These bright colours are sure to perk up the mood anytime and anywhere, and they sure make for the perfect handbag to store all your red packets for the upcoming Lunar New Year festivities. Your #iPhone12ProMax might peek out a little if you have a bigger-than-average phone case, but that shouldn’t be a problem considering the Petit Sac Plat comes in an open-top format that’s rather forgiving. Everything else like your compact cardholder and wallet can fit nicely within, and you can choose to carry it by hand or sling it casually over the shoulder. The best part? Prices remain the same at SGD2130 for these all-new colours, so go ahead and grab yourself something bright and beautiful this year.

For more information, do visit LOUISVUITTON.com


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