Hermès Mini Kelly Bracelet


Bags aren’t the only things getting shrunken down to miniature proportions at Hermès, because the French luxury brand has recently taken a similar approach with its signature leather bracelets. Take a look at the all-new Mini Kelly Bracelet, one that’s almost two-thirds the size (in terms of thickness) of the classic Kelly Double Tour Bracelet, but yet retaining the iconic clasp and double loop format, with lengths ranging from T1 to T3.

Why the need for a miniature size, you may ask? Well, some ladies love the idea of stacking bracelets, and you can’t exactly do that with the KDT if you have a particularly small wrist. The Mini Kelly Bracelet also forms a smaller ‘X’ when worn, giving you an extra opportunity to stack another bracelet without looking overly chunky. The other plus point would be its price, of course, coming in at SGD690 in comparison to the KDT which now starts from SGD840 each.

That said, this new mini isn’t a replacement for the original KDT, so you can consider it a new addition that will give the fans (yes, that’s you) even more choices when it comes to wrist candy options at Hermès.

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