Hermès Collier de Chien 24 Tattoo Bracelet


First and foremost, you’re looking at the Collier de Chien 24 which you might have missed out on if you haven’t visited Hermès (or ahem, read this site) for quite some time. It’s a slightly thinner version of the classic CDC, which means that you can expect a sleeker profile that looks especially great when stacked with your other Hermès arm candy (think the Mini Kelly Bracelet, single-tour Rivale, and so on…).

The Collier de Chien 24 Bracelet also features a fuss-free hardware design that doubles up as the opening mechanism, and that also explains why it’s slightly more ‘affordable’, with prices starting from SGD1200. These versions above, however, all come with the Della Cavalleria Favolosa print ‘tattooed’ on the bracelet’s exterior, a new-in for the season that’s slightly higher at SGD1400 each. The line art detailing is reminiscent of a tattoo (hence the name), making it a unique option for those who love an edgier twist.

Colours-wise, they come in Blanc, Gold and Rose Été for now, all of which are available at Hermès’ online store now. Alternatively, you can head down to the boutiques to give it a try, as sizes range from T1 to T4, with the unique aspect of all CDC bracelets being the hardware mechanism that’s adjustable (thus slightly ‘forgiving’ between the sizes) to several different lengths.

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