Rimowa: 5 Things To Know About The #RIMOWAPersonal


Everybody loves to be presented with choices for their designer bags and SLGs because there’s never really one style that fits all when it comes to fashion. Case in point? The Personal, a charming accessory that was first unveiled at #DiorMen‘s Spring-Summer 2020 runway show, a limited series done in collaboration with Kim Jones.

One year on, Rimowa has launched their own variation, a new range simply known as #RIMOWAPersonal. Crafted out of polycarbonate, it’s presented in four colours (two classic and two seasonal hues) that are sold exclusively at Rimowa boutiques worldwide. And because it can get confusing between the two, today’s piece is meant to highlight the similarities and differences between the duo, as well as what’s available in Singapore right now.

01 – The similarities. Both designs are made by the German luggage manufacturer, so you can expect quality craftsmanship with every piece. They come in the same size (measuring 21.5 cm wide and 13 cm high), armed with a matching strap that converts it into a crossbody bag in no time at all. You can also choose to carry them like clutches, as the straps can be easily removed from the sides.

02 – The differences. There are more obvious differences besides the choice of material, such as the Dior/Rimowa collaboration bearing the ‘DIOR’ logo on one side and ‘RIMOWA’ on the other. The interior is slightly different as well, featuring 3 main compartments on the design in collaboration with Dior, while Rimowa’s Personal has only 2. However, both designs have a central zipped pocket and 3 card slots to keep your essentials organised, so you can consider it a slight configuration shift without compromising much on the function.

03 – The colours. The Dior/Rimowa Personal came in Black, Blue, Pink and Silver, all made using an innovative anodising process that allows vibrant pigments to be injected directly onto the aluminium exterior. On the other hand, Rimowa’s Personal is made using the ultra-lightweight, dent (and water) resistant polycarbonate in glossy finishes like Black, White (classic colours), Cactus Green and Desert Rose (seasonal hues).

04 – The availability. The Dior/Rimowa Personal were released at both #DiorMen and Rimowa boutiques, but most colours are sold out by now, with the exception of pink which is still available at Rimowa Marina Bay Sands and Raffles Hotel. As for Rimowa’s Personal, it can only be found across all 3 Rimowa boutiques islandwide, with stocks varying from store to store. Displays for all 4 colours are available for you to take a look, and you can make pre-orders (full deposit) should they be unavailable at the moment.

05 – The prices. Now, because the Dior/Rimowa version is made from anodised aluminium, it comes with a slight premium at SGD3360. The #RIMOWAPersonal is priced much lower at SGD1750, making it a great option for those who want a fun everyday bag.

For more information, do visit RIMOWA.com


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