Hermès: 5 Things To Know About The Classic Oran


The Oran needs no introduction, and it’s one of those iconic designs that you can readily find at any Hermès boutique today. It’s chic, it’s classic, and features that signature H cut-out pattern that makes it an unmistakable icon even from afar. Over the years, Hermès has steadily increased the number of designs (more on that later), but interestingly they have kept prices around the SGD800 mark for most colours and styles.

In other words, this is one of the true classics that have weathered the test of time, and whether you’re out running errands or looking for a simple slip-on to complete your casual look, the Oran will be the one for you. Need to know even more? Just read on.

01 – The Oran is a flat sandal that you can slide in and out of easily, so if you’re looking for an elevated version, then go for its taller sibling, the Oasis, which comes with a 5 cm heel height. The lads have their very own version known as the Izmir.

02 – Fans have always loved that the Oran is super comfortable to wear, though you should always try them in-store if you’re getting it for the very first time, because they do come in half sizes that might vary from pair to pair depending on the style.

03 – Of course, factors like the leather softening (and thus becoming more forgiving) after prolonged wear will come into play, which is why several ladies have sworn on getting a few pairs (in different colours, no less) just to keep them on rotation.

04 – Today, the H cut-out pattern remains at the heart of the Oran, and there are at least 40 different colours/variations available at Hermès Singapore today. They range from the classic colours in Blanc (white), Gold (brown) and Noir (black) to seasonal ones decorated with printed canvas insoles. There are also pieces in suede goatskin if you’re a fan of the lush material, as well as the metallic leather (Gris Argenté, Rose Doré and Vert Bronze) for those who love some shine.

05 – Prices start from SGD860, going up to SGD1200 for the special styles that come with rhinestones and studs. They do come in exotics (like ostrich, for example) but those are pretty rare and elusive, just like the bags themselves. And if you’re all too familiar with the sizing and the fit of the Oran, you will find a decent range online via Hermès Singapore, or just head to the boutiques to see if the shoe (or in this case, sandal), really fits.

For more information, do visit HERMÈS.com


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